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You Should Follow The Moon Phases Because…

full_moon1Those of you (like me) who love the moon and all the mystery it holds, will know that last night was a full moon. It inspired me to write about it today – because the moon is such as special, beautiful and magical part of this world, and it’s often barely acknowledged.

Everyone knows what the moon is, where to find it and would’ve seen it at some stage in their lives. Every night it turns up and very few feel the need to acknowledge it’s presence or even think about it. And why would we? Many of our cities are so brightly lit and full of buildings that it no longer captures our attention in the way it would’ve caught the eye of the ancients.

When I lived in Vanuatu and I used to stay in the villages on the outer islands where they often had no power, every night I’d stand in awe, gazing up at the sky. I’d be amazed at how it would capture my attention in a way that it didn’t when I was in the city. There were no lights, tall buildings, roads, TV’s or loud noises to distract my attention from the night time sky. It was just there…. surrounding everything… and so beautiful. When the moon was full, everyone would know because there was simply no way to avoid noticing.

At that time in my life, I wasn’t into health and was definitely not interested in the moon in my day-to-day life, yet it still seemed to capture my whole attention in these situations. But why?

What is it about the moon that makes it so captivating? Why did the ancient people live by the moon and the moon phases? Why is the menstrual cycle often called the lunar cycle? And how are we affected when we become ignorent of the moon and it’s cycle? I have so many questions, yet I also cherish the mystery surrounding this topic… and I love slowly working things out for myself.

Studies have shown that there’s an increase in violence around the full moon, there are more hospital admissions on the full moon and that sleep is reduced around the full moon.

We know that the tides are affected by the moon and that our bodies are generally 60-70% water, so it seems only logical that the moon affects the water in our bodies as it does the water in the oceans.

While this doesn’t explain how or why certain things seem to happen around a full moon, it does give some kind of explanation or justification for things being slightly crazy. Even people who don’t follow the moon phases will often say ‘it must be a full moon’, if something out of the ordinary happens.

For at least a year now, I’ve been following the moon phases. I feel excited at a full moon because I love it’s beauty and the magical feel that surrounds it. I also really love the new moon and the darkness surrounding it that holds so much possiblity of growth and light ahead.

In following the moon phases, I’ve found that I begin to notice emotions that may become stronger around the full moon and how I interact with others who may also have stronger emotions at that time.

  • I’ve found that I naturally become excited about new ideas or begin new projects and planning over the week following the new moon until the first quarter.
  • The strength of these ideas will continue to grow and I’m often pulled by my desires to put them into action as the first quarter blossoms into the full moon.
  • The full moon tends to bring high energy, emotion and vulnerability.
  • Then as the moon begins to wane I find I begin to rest more and clear out old stuff, old thoughts or things that aren’t working to create space for the new, and the cycle begins again.

This cycle isn’t something I’ve put in place to follow the moon phases, it’s something I’ve observed over time, yet I’ve come to realise it also matches the energies associated with the moon phases.

It can become quite exciting when you begin to notice synchronisations between yourself and the natural cycle of nature. I recommend it to all of you because you can never pay too much attention to nature and the world around you. It’s also a good idea to keep a diary so that you can easily make connections over time.

D x

Do you follow the phases of the moon? How have you noticed it affects you and how does it make you feel? Leave a comment below, I’d love to get a conversation going on this topic!

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  1. Christine says:

    I just found your website when looking for information on following the lunar cycle. I follow the cycles of the moon but not everyday I only take notice near full moon as I find myself wearing my moonstone on and near full moon. Today when doing an oracle reading for myself, I did a tarot reading as well and both readings were leading me towards following the lunar phases. I am interested in how to follow properly and not in the lazy manner I do. It would help me in my health and also for my readings as I am a psychic intuitive medium and have found that my channeling is so clear and strong near the full moon. I have never tried to channel on a full moon as I have found the energy so intense. You would think that I would know how to follow the lunar cycles but I have never thought about it till now. Would you have any advice how to be guided day to day by the lunar cycle besides writing a daily diary on how I feel?

    • Davina says:

      Hi Christine, thanks so much for your question. As for following the lunar cycle, I find it’s easiest to note down the dates for the beginning of each quarter in my diary – or print off a moon calender and stick it on the wall in a place I often look. I find this helps me to be more aware of what stage of the lunar cycle we’re in at any given time. Looking up at the moon to see what it looks like on a regular basis also helps. One thing that I’ve found massively helps me to be aware of the lunar cycle is through this website I’ve been doing the courses offered here and have found them hugely beneficial. I think your idea of keeping a diary is great too. If you did this alongside being aware of the stage in the lunar cycle for a couple of months, I’d expect that you’d learn (very quickly) to know where you are in a lunar cycle simply by observing how you feel (due to your sensitivity to the energy). Please let me know how you get on with this – I hope I’ve given you a bit more direction. Davina :)

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I have known Davina for nearly 5 years now. She has been an inspiration to me and a loyal friend. She has always truly listened and provided guidance without telling me what to do, which I appreciate. The one thing that I admire the most about my friend with a huge heart and soul is her ability to be true to herself and beliefs no matter what.

Tracey Grayson


Tracey Grayson

I have known Davina for nearly 5 years now. She has been an inspiration to me and a loyal friend. She has always truly listened and provided guidance without telling me what to do, which I appreciate. The one thing that I admire the most about my friend with a huge heart and soul is View Full →
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